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Stock Photo Assistant is designed for photographers selling their pictures through Stock Photo
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10 October 2006

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Digital imagery besides removing any obsolete traces of conventional film based photography has also enhanced the business prospects of photographers operating on a freelance level owing to the immense flexibility that it offers to the user in terms of working and storing up images that is proven by the fact that digital photos can be stored up in a variety of formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. that makes it easy to use and upload as well. Different photo sharing websites like Shutterstock stock photos works on the basis of several photographers and computer artists providing photos and graphic imagery for a price that businesses often purchase for using in their company home pages. Stock Photo Assistant 1.3.1 is a utility that is exclusively designed for photographers which sell their images through such services.

Stock Photo Assistant opens with a compact looking and neatly organized interface with the main options placed at the main screen that is divided into two sections; one displaying the file names and the other displaying the list of photo sharing web pages that the user can select to send the images to. The user can easily select keywords with built in translation controls for languages like Hungarian, German, Danish and Spanish etc. and also entails functions of spell check and duplicate deletion that can be used to combine keywords from several photos. Further, the program also supports batch uploading of photos with single click on FTP sites. The program also helps the user to check the account status on each of these sites and is highly useful for professional photographers.

To sum up, Stock Photo Assistant 1.3.1 enables effectual working with the help of its enhanced tools and controls that make it easy for the user to sell their images and hence scores a rating of four points for its superlative usage.

Publisher's description

Stock Photo Assist is designed for photographers selling their pictures through Stock Photo services.
Stock Photo Assist comes with the following key features:
- keywords selection tool with built-in translation for various languages (Arabic, French, Hungarian, Russian, German, Greek, Danish, Spanish)
- keywords parsing with built-in functions for translation, spell check, and duplicates deletion, which can be used to combine keywords from multiple photos
- batch image upload with one mouse click on stock FTP sites (Shutterstock, Fotolia, etc.)
- check and display in tray the current account status on Shutterstock and iStockphoto servers
Stock Photo Assistant is compatible with the SDict format, so you can easily use all dictionaries of this type.
License: free to try, 12.99$ to buy.
Stock Photo Assistant
Stock Photo Assistant
Version 1.3.1
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